Monthly archives: May, 2014

Chrysler Group Dedicates Indiana Plant to Building Nine-Speed Transmission

With the dedication of the Tipton Transmission Plant in Tipton, Indiana, we at Cronic Chrysler are excited about the automaker’s increased ability to produce its advanced nine-speed transmission, which is currently featured in the all-new Chrysler 200 and Jeep Cherokee. The plant, whose operations were previously suspended, is now a bustling hub of activity as…

Ram EcoDiesel

Diesel Powered Vehicles Expected to Double or Even Triple in Popularity on American Roads

Fuel economy, emissions, consumption, and cost of ownership continue to grow in importance for new car buyers, one emerging alternative to gasoline powered vehicles isn’t as exotic as you might think! It turns out that diesel powered vehicles continue to grow in popularity with American drivers. It appears that the long-held misconception that diesel engines…

2014 Dodge Dart

Big Plans for Dodge Include 2017 Dart SRT

From the very first day that the Dodge Dart was announced, we have continued to keep our fingers crossed for an SRT version. Over the past months, we’ve seen models with unique paint and trim, hotted-up GT models, Eco models, luxury-oriented models, and more. Mopar parts are also available to make your Dart more special….

Ram 1500

Big Announcements Concerning Aluminum Ram 1500 and Jeep Wrangler

This past week has held a lot of big announcements from the Fiat-Chrysler Group. Aggressive brand reorganization and five year plans that include exciting vehicles like an AWD Turbo Dart SRT4 have been flooding the media. However, we’re mostly concerned with one, lower profile announcement that seems to be flying under the radar for now….

Dodge Ad Campaign Touts Words of Wisdom

There aren’t many people who don’t have a memory of an older relative sharing his or her words of wisdom with the family. From “Always wash behind your ears,” to “Play hard to get,” these little tidbits of information are difficult to forget. The newest Dodge ad campaign seems to be playing on the idea…