2016’s Biggest Entertainment Events in Atlanta to Satisfy Your Inner Nerd

Year-round, Atlanta is filled with fun events that appeal to even the most unique interests and hobbies. For those who enjoy lettering their nerd flag fly, our city will be hosting many pop culture festivals this year. Here are some of the most prominent entertainment events in Atlanta.

Atlanta Film Festival: One of the longest-running film festivals in the country takes place every April in Atlanta (this year being the 40th anniversary). Attendees can see over a hundred different movies with the purchase of an access pass. Panels and led discussions also bring film enthusiasts together to share their ideas and experiences.

Georgia Renaissance Festival: You have to travel out to Fairburn to find this festival, but once you enter it, you’ll be transported to a magical 16th Century European village. Weekends from April to June are filled with talented entertainment acts, scrumptious food, and unique craftsmen shops.

Sci-Fi Summer Con: Celebrate the worlds of science fiction, fantasy, and horror by gathering with other hard-core fans this June. Whether it’s an afternoon of tabletop gaming or a wild water gun war, you’ll find it at this diverse entertainment festival.

Atlanta Comic Convention: If you think that “comic conventions” have become overrun by the television and movie industries bringing their pop culture commercialism, this April event is for you. The most avid comic book collectors gather to trade wares and discuss trade knowledge for one big day.

Dragon Con: If you have any geek genes in you and live in Georgia, you’ve heard of this immensely popular weekend of entertainment-themed partying. Every activity you can think of—from workshops to live performances—goes down here over Labor Day weekend across multiple downtown venues.

Anime Weekend Atlanta: The premiere anime event in Georgia, this large fandom gathering in late September celebrates manga and Japanese pop culture through parties, costume balls, video screenings, and celebrity panels.