Best off-road destinations

Best Off-Road Destinations In the US

Best off-road destinations

If you’ve ever driven a robust 4WD vehicle, like a Jeep for instance, you know how your vehicle just sort of…talks to you. It can say a lot of things, but one message rings out above the rest. It says: go ahead, test me.

You’ve got to keep your Jeep happy, and that’s why we’ve amassed a few of the best off-road destinations in the US for you.

At the top of any such list has to be Moab, Utah. Nothing like seeing your ride caked in that one-of-a-kind red dust. Jalopnik specifically recommends the Kane Creek Trail.

In addition to arguably being the greatest natural wonder in the United States, the Grand Canyon also has fantastic off-road trails.

For those of us who live in the Eastern US, there is what many call the “Moab of the East”. That’s Rausch Creek near Road Park, Pennsylvania.

In Michigan, there’s Silver Lakes Dunes. Just as the name implies, this is where you can race across beautiful sand dunes.

Before blazing trails on any of these ultimate off-road destinations, make sure you know the limits of your vehicle, and always have it modified by a professional.