Family Stories Month

Celebrate Family Stories Month this November

Family Stories Month

November is officially recognized as Family Stories Month, and with Thanksgiving coming soon, there is no better time to listen to all the stories your relatives have stored up.

Perhaps you have heard these stories more times than you can count and somewhat dread having to sit through them again. But this year, you can make the experience more enjoyable for you and make your relatives feel extra special by conducting an interview of sorts.

Instead of simply pretending to listen, have a list of questions ready and a way to record the stories. Imagine your children or grandchildren being able to hear these stories decades from now after their great, great grandfather has passed away.

Since most people have smartphones, this would be the simplest way to record the interview. There are voice recording apps available for practically every operating system and many of them are free. Read through reviews to find the features that would be most valuable for you and make sure you test out the app before your session so you know how it works.

While your relatives surely could talk for hours without any prompts, if you have a list of questions prepared it may help give the interview some shape. Here are a few topics to get you started:

  • Early childhood
  • How they met their spouse
  • Military experience
  • Education
  • Career choices
  • Favorite cars

Which relative’s stories would you love to capture for Family Stories Month? Here at Cronic Chrysler, we’d love to hear some of the best!