Chrysler Diesel Engine a Possibility

Rumor has it Chrysler is looking to expand its green car plans. This may just include a new diesel engine. The rumor falls from trade journal Automotive News. The option for a 2.2L 16 valve “De Tomaso” diesel engine was listed in the powertrain options for the year’s Chrysler 200 on the DealerConnect website.

Executives don’t acknowledge the listing. It may very well be a false scent to throw off the curious and competition but if it’s true, it won’t be the first. Alfa Romeo is developing the same engine listed. It isn’t out of the realm of possibility that Alfa Romeo would be sharing the new engine with an associated United States brand.

Chrysler’s current engines aren’t lacking in the efficiency category though. Engines, lovingly named “Tigershark” and “Hurricane” are the newest in the lineup. “Tigershark”, a 2.4L inline engine, is already available. “Hurricane”, a 2L inline is working its way to markets. While it isn’t clear just what’s going on with the diesel engine, it’s an interesting concept, at the very least.