Chrysler Group Dedicates Indiana Plant to Building Nine-Speed Transmission

Ohio Jeep Plant Booming

With the dedication of the Tipton Transmission Plant in Tipton, Indiana, we at Cronic Chrysler are excited about the automaker’s increased ability to produce its advanced nine-speed transmission, which is currently featured in the all-new Chrysler 200 and Jeep Cherokee.

The plant, whose operations were previously suspended, is now a bustling hub of activity as its new employees supply Chrysler and Fiat facilities around the world with the nine-speed.

“My confidence is rooted firmly in the knowledge that those of you who work in this area have shown a consistent dedication to delivering products with outstanding quality,” said Chrysler Group Chairman and CEO Sergio Marchionne. “You have embraced the principles of World Class Manufacturing, which is enabling us to compete with the best manufacturers in the world. You are the authors of a major success story, creating a great turnaround and making it possible to create the need for this new plant in Tipton.”

The goal is for the plant to hire 850 new employees by the end of next year who will build and ship 800,000 transmissions.

At present, 204 employees work at the plant, but the positive attitudes of Marchionne and the Tipton Transmission Plant’s workers speak to a promising future for Tipton, Chrysler Group, and all of us who will be driving nine-speed transmission vehicles in the near future.