Chrysler Hosts Country-Wide High School Automotive Design Competition

It takes a certain artistic talent to design a car—not only do you have to consider engineering and safety requirements, but you also have to make sure your design is as aesthetically appealing as possible. This is why the Chrysler Group has decided to start future designers early by hosting a country-wide High School Automotive Design Competition. The contest, which is open to public school high school students in grades 10-12, asks participants to design a next-generation Dodge model for the 2025 model year for a chance to win a multitude of prizes, including a $60,000 scholarship to the College for Creative Studies (CCS), a leading art and design school.

“The purpose of this competition is to expose students early in their education to the possibility of a career in automotive design while allowing us to connect with young talent and help to develop their artistic skills,” said Mark Trostle, Head of SRT, Mopar, and Motorsports Design for Chrysler. “We’re excited to once again team up with one of the leading design schools in the country, CCS, and the Detroit Autorama to bring the competition to a national level.”

Submissions must be hand drawn on a sheet of white paper that is between 8-by-10 and 11-by-17 inches. They can use markers, pencil or paint and must include a 500-word essay explaining what the Dodge brand means to them. Each entry needs to include the student’s name, address, phone number, email, school name and address, and grade level.

If you are interested in joining the contest, you can find more information here, or contact Cronic Chrysler today!