Ram EcoDiesel

Diesel Powered Vehicles Expected to Double or Even Triple in Popularity on American Roads

Ram EcoDieselFuel economy, emissions, consumption, and cost of ownership continue to grow in importance for new car buyers, one emerging alternative to gasoline powered vehicles isn’t as exotic as you might think! It turns out that diesel powered vehicles continue to grow in popularity with American drivers. It appears that the long-held misconception that diesel engines are underpowered, rackety, and hardly-any-more-efficient-than-gasoline has finally started to lose favor. Now, many analysts believe that diesel powered vehicles will double or even triple in popularity on American roads.

The truth is, modern diesel powerplants are quiet-running, quite torquey, and somewhere around 20% more efficient than their gasoline-powered counterparts. As drivers start to realize just how great a modern diesel can be, more and more are opting for the option or asking for other diesel powered models. With demand on the rise, up to 40 new diesel vehicles will be available on the US market by the end of 2016. This has lead experts like Mark Phelan of Detroit Free Press Auto to believe that diesel-powered vehicles could make up 100 – 200% more of the US market (jumping from the current 3% to 6% or even 9% of all vehicles sold) by the year 2020.

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