Dodge Ad Campaign Touts Words of Wisdom

There aren’t many people who don’t have a memory of an older relative sharing his or her words of wisdom with the family. From “Always wash behind your ears,” to “Play hard to get,” these little tidbits of information are difficult to forget. The newest Dodge ad campaign seems to be playing on the idea of the older generation sharing their wisdom with its newest T.V. spot, aptly title, “Wisdom.”

As part of the Dodge brand’s 100th anniversary celebration, the video stars multiple centenarians and has quickly become a social media sensation. Since its debut on Thursday, April 16 to April 17, the video amassed more than 4,444,714 views in less than 24 hours, beating previous viewing records held by other Chrysler Group commercials.

The video allows multiple centenarians to share their words of wisdom with their viewers. These words range from the typical, “Learn from your mistakes,” to the not-so-typical, “Be a bad boy!”

For a look at this popular new Dodge ad campaign, check out the original commercial here.