Dodge Invented the Word “Dependability”


The old adage “you learn something new every day” is becoming truer and truer in the Internet Age. Here’s a little tidbit that even we were unaware of: Dodge invented the word “dependability.”

Believe it or not, Jalopnik reports that Dodge coined the term way back in the 1910’s. Just to be clear, the word “dependable” predates the Dodge brothers. But it was Theodore McManus, a Dodge PR man, who turned the adjective into a noun. It was an early and wildly successful use of the marketing trick known as “anthimeria,” in which advertisers trick your brain by turning adjectives into nouns.

“Dependability,” of course, has gone on to become an accepted word in the English language, appearing in dictionaries – but it was all started by Dodge. It turns out the word “dependability” is just another one of the many contributions that the American automaker has made to our country’s national character.

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