FCA Earns Two Spots in the 2015 YouTube AdBlitz™ Poll

YouTube has conducted its annual AdBlitz Poll, in which the company asks viewers to view, rate, and share the year’s top rated Super Bowl ads. FCA took two of the five top spots, with a total of 65 commercials considered.

Dodge’s “Wisdom” ad took the #3 spot, and Jeep’s “Beautiful Lands” took 5th place – proving that this year, ads didn’t have to be funny to rank highly. Viewers seemed to value commercials that they connected with emotionally. FCA has been the only automaker to place in the top five AdBlitz spots for the last five consecutive years, an incredible accomplishment.

“Being the only advertiser and automaker to consecutively place in one of the top three positions of the YouTube AdBlitz™ in each of the last five years is a remarkable achievement for our company,” said Olivier Francois, Chief Marketing Officer – FCA Global in a statement. “The poll results are a significant benchmark in gauging the impact of our Super Bowl commercials and an incredible acknowledgment of our entire FCA creative team efforts.”

Memorable FCA commercials that were recognized by the YouTube AdBlitz Poll in previous years include Chrysler brand’s “America’s Import” (2014); the Ram brand’s “Farmer” (2013); Chrysler’s “Halftime in America” (2012); and Chrysler’s “Born of Fire (Imported From Detroit)” (2011).

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