Fiat Chrysler’s March Sales

Fiat Chrysler’s March Sales Increase While Other Brands Lag Behind

Fiat Chrysler’s March Sales

Last year was huge for the automotive industry, with records being broken all across the board, an enormous shift after since the Great Recession. This year started out strong as well, with many brands benefiting from the lower cost of gas.

Though March wasn’t the industry’s strongest month for many, Fiat Chrysler remained strong, with a 1.7% sales gain over the previous year, representing what will likely be an excellent year for the company. While other automakers, such as Ford and GM, saw decreases last month, Fiat Chrysler defied the odds.

In fact, despite some other brand’s failings last month, 2015 is still looking good for the industry overall, well on track to selling 17 million cars and trucks, likely due to the consistent sales of certain companies.

And thanks to the New York Auto Show earlier this month, interest in new vehicles will likely stay sky-high for the next few weeks.

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