getting your car ready for summer

Getting Your Car Ready For Summer


Summer is just a month away, which means it’s time to start getting your car ready for the heat! The big change in the weather that comes with summer can affect your car, so follow these easy tips on how to get your car ready for summer.


tips for getting your car ready for summer


One thing you should do is inspect your tires. Whether you’re switching out your winter tires for summer ones or you’re just checking out your all-season tires, this is a step you can’t miss. Underinflated tires, blow outs, and worn tread can all be dangerous, so if you notice any of these things, get new ones. You should also make sure the spare tire is properly inflated.


Another thing to inspect as summer gets closer is your brake system. Brakes get used pretty hard during the winter because of slower traffic and slippery conditions; the heat produced by braking plus the freezing temperatures of winter can mess up your brake pads. Whether you inspect the pads yourself or take it to a mechanic, you want to make sure they’re in good shape for the summer.


These are just a couple important areas to inspect when summer is coming. Find more here, or schedule service today at Cronic CDJR.