Chrysler Safety Group

Safety at the Forefront with New Chrysler Safety Group

Chrysler Safety Group

Chrysler is taking safety seriously, very seriously. A new group which will focus on vehicle safety and regulatory compliance has been created by Chrysler Group. The formation of the new group comes as the entire industry faces heightened awareness and more vigilance from federal regulators about recalls and vehicle safety.

The new group will be led by Scott Kunselman, who was previously in charge of purchasing and supplier quality for Fiat and Chrysler’s NAFTA region. Prior to that, Kunselman was senior vice president-of engineering, a position that required oversight of regulatory compliance. In his new position, Kunselman will remain on the NAFTA leadership team but is focused solely on vehicle safety and regulatory compliance.

Chrysler notes that its decision to create the Chrysler Safety Group came about as the result of its regular process of reviewing the corporation’s structure to determine needs. The Safety Group’s official name is the “Office of Vehicle Safety and Regulatory Compliance”, and will be a stand-alone organization, with Kunselman reporting to CEO, Sergio Marchionne. Chrysler Group notes that the office is meant to “intensify the Company’s continuing commitment to vehicle safety and regulatory compliance”.

This move will set in motion a series of additional personnel changes, including Tom Finelli, Director of Global Standardization, who will now take over Kunselman’s role in Purchasing and Supplier Quality. In addition, John Nigro has been named Head of NAFTA Product Development, and will be replacing Mack Chernoby, who has been appointed Chief Operating Officer Product Development. Phew. Got that all straight? Us either.

The important takeaway is that Chrysler continues to invest in their commitment to building safe vehicles, and has put a team in place to ensure that is happening.

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