Spring Car Care: Get Rid of Winter Grime

Spring cleaning isn’t just for your home—be sure to clean your car as well. There are some important tips and tricks to keep in mind as you get your car ready for spring, from washing and waxing to special solutions for a spotless shine. Read on to learn more about spring car care.

Spring Car Care

Washing & Waxing

According to Autotrader, washing and waxing are always important. Start by rinsing off grime and dirt before you wash, as these small particles can scratch paint. After you wash the exterior, it’s important to dry the car using a chamois cloth in order to remove spots. If you really want the car to shine, you should also consider chrome and metal polish.


Next, clean the interior. Start by removing the garbage that’s accumulated over the winter. That’ll make it easier to vacuum. You should also wash and scrub the upholstery using special automotive cleaner. Also, many cars have drain plugs under the carpet if you need to drain excess liquid from cleaning.


Finally, wipe the windows. You can use a vinegar and water solution or household ammonia-based cleaners—just be sure to avoid the paint. Many detailers also use clean newspaper to remove glare from windows.

Have other spring car care to do? Stop by Cronic CDJR. We’ll help you get your car in prime condition for the new season.