culture of driving a Jeep

The Life and Culture of Driving a Jeep

culture of driving a Jeep

Not many vehicles come with an instant circle of friends. But, when you buy a Jeep, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

If you’re interested in jumping into a Jeep lifestyle, here are a few things you need to know about the culture of driving a Jeep.

  • Learn to love the outdoors. Jeep drivers love to explore—in fact, some may spend more time driving off-road than they do on it.
  • Wave at fellow Jeep drivers. This may be one of the most important parts of Jeep culture, especially if you’re driving a Wrangler. Just like you may see motorcyclists wave at each other as they pass, Jeep drivers do the same thing. Check out this in-depth guide to the Jeep wave, in case you have any questions about how it works.
  • Learn about your vehicle’s capabilities. Spend some time getting to know your Jeep. Read the manual and learn about its handling limits before you attempt any off-road maneuvers.
  • Make some friends. Attend Jeep events, like the Jeep Jamboree. This is where you can meet other Jeep aficionados and learn how to handle your Jeep in a variety of conditions. And, other drivers will be there to help you if you get stuck.
  • Get dirty. Nothing can quite match the experience of driving your Jeep through a muddy, rocky field and coming out on the other side dirty from nose to tail.

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