Ways to Remove Unwanted Car Odors

Making your car smell pleasant can be a problem, especially if it reeks of cigarette smoke. Fortunately for you and your passengers, there are some great cost-effective methods to remove unwanted odors from your car. You may even have everything you need lying around the house. Here are a few ways to remove unwanted car odors.

  • Cat Litter – Designed to remove odors in your cat’s litter box, litter is just as effective at removing odors from your car. For maximum effect, place a bowl of litter in your car overnight. By morning, the smell should be gone and, as an added bonus, you can reuse the litter for your feline companion.
  • Charcoal – Rather than masking an odor, charcoal is an effective way to remove smells altogether. Just leave a bag of charcoal in your car overnight. The next morning, not only will the smell be gone but the charcoal can still be used for grilling on the weekend.
  • Dryer Sheets – Normally used to give laundry a fresh scent, dryer sheets can do the same for your car. Wipe down your seats to remove major smells and leave several sheets under your seats to maintain a fresh smell.

If you want to be real effective, just trade in your old car for that new car smell we all love!

Remove Unwanted Car Odors