Hybrid Electric Chrysler Minivan

Will A Plug-In Hybrid Electric Chrysler Minivan Become Reality?

Hybrid Electric Chrysler Minivan

Chrysler introduced the very first minivan back in 1983, forever changing the way we haul our families around. The minivan offered more space than sedans and station wagons, more refinement than boxy off roaders, and better fuel economy than pickups and full-size vans. Since that time, minivans have become an American staple, more refined, high-tech, and efficient than ever.

Now, Chrysler is preparing to unveil another first: a plug-in hybrid electric minivan – at next year’s North American International Auto Show. Al Gardner, president and CEO, Chrysler brand – FCA North America, confirmed to thedetroitbureau.com that a plug-in hybrid minivan will definitely be part of Chrysler’s future product plan.

Minivans have become the ideal car for families with children – from school drop offs to various after-school activities, minivans offer space, storage, convenience, and comfort that other models just can’t match. It’s only natural that Chrysler leads the way in introducing a plug-in electric minivan, offering buyers a green and cost efficient alternative to the gasoline models currently available.

Chrysler hopes that the use of advanced plug-in hybrid technology will set the automaker apart both as a brand and as a competitive leader in the minivan segment.

Look for the hybrid electric Chrysler minivan to make its way to Chicago next January. Here at Cronic Chrysler, we’ll keep you updated with additional details as we receive them.